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If you would like to buy a ski please contact Kris direct at krislapoint1@gmail.com

A Platform for success

We think there are a number of compelling reasons why LaPoint Skis offers a product thats a good fit for any skier...
user friendly water ski design

User friendly design

No matter what level slalom skier you are, you can get on the new LP1 and run a pass. The overall design offers greater stability and pushes you in to the correct position.
personalized water skis


All our slalom skis are custom built - we don't have any off the shelf skis. In addition, each ski is setup prior to delivery based on the your skiing style.
onsite waterski production

Onsite Production

Production facilities are on site at our ski park in Orlando. We offer quick adjustments at the lake. We can build a ski overnight if required! You don't have to ship across country and wait for factory adjustments.
Kris LaPoint

Kris LaPoint

Kris LaPoint hand builds every water ski himself. No part of the production process is outsourced to another company or delegated to an employee. His passion is working with skiers and developing a product optimized for each skier.

News Stories

Visit our news page to stay up to date on the latest stories, press releases and events as LaPoint Skis continues its mission to build the best waters kis in the industry.
2020 Southern Regional Water Ski Championships
The competition is being held at Jeff Rodgers Ski Lake in Greenwood, South Carolina in July 2020. The goal is to host the Southern Regional Water Ski Championships in a way that will attract [... more]
A great day for a photo shoot
Florida weather at the end of November held up and we had a great day shooting the new LP1 slalom ski at the LaPoint Ski Park in Orlando. Check out our gallery for more [... more]
Ski Clinic
Join us in Cape Town in February 2020
Kris LaPoint will be visiting South Africa in early 2020 for a Ski Clinic in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. Please contact us for more [... more]