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LP1 - $1900

The LaPoint LP1 is a state of the art performance slalom ski.

Designed to work for a wide level of skiers.

More forgiving than most skis and still capable of breaking world records and winning championships.

Technical components of a slalom water ski have been re-designed, tested and tweaked in different ways by many ski companies over the years to try to find the best fit for a wide range of skiers.

We are not getting carried away trying to optimize each technical component of the ski.

Our approach is different - we focus on the combined package. We identify who the ski is for and then we modify the ski for the individual.



We have designed the ski with a shorter flat section under the front foot. We have also added more tail rocker than most skis on the market.

Combined with the wider front pattern, this makes the ski easier to turn and it is quicker at both the entry and exit of the turn.

The ski's forgiving nature means that skiers dont have to engage too much at the front. Skiers can stay balanced whilst the ski comes around pleasingly without having to make big weight adjustments.

Flex Pattern

At LaPoint skis we start with three standard flex patterns. Most skiers will fall into one of these profiles. Because we hand build each ski, the flex pattern can be adjusted to a skiers individual style, weight and speed with emphasis on the critical spots.

For example, a skier that is dominant in the back would require a ski that is stiffer in the tail and softer at the front foot. The opposite is if the skier is very balanced over the front foot in the turn.

If the flex pattern of the ski does not suit the skier its a huge game changer! It makes the ski unskiable and the chances of an off-the-shelf product fitting your style are very slim.


A wider profile in the mid section and the front foot area means there is more tolerance in how you stand on the ski, offering more suport in that area.


The LP1 is one of the lightest skis on the market. It uses state of the art materials - carbon fiber, specially designed resins and brass inserts.


Bevels are sharper, less rounded at the bottom so when the ski bites it takes angle and is less prone to sliding. A common problem skiers have is struggling to get a decent angle in the turns and this ski endeavors to overcome this issue.


Many people can setup a ski but very have the knowledge and experience of Kris LaPoint to identify and expertly adjust the settings.

When you buy a ski from us one of the advantages is that Kris will be available on site in Orlando to do a customized setup.

Its not always practical to visit us in Orlando so for the opportunity of getting a custom ski no matter where you are we will ask you to send us some information about your current setup and skiing style as well as video footage.

Get your settings right and there's an extra 6 buoys in your set.

When your ski is delivered its already built and setup. Its not like taking it out of the box and starting from zero.

Bindings and Spread

Most skiers are aware of their front binding setting but not so much the spread between their feet - the distance from your front heal to your back heal. Its just as critical as binding setup. So much so that we will adjust the flex pattern when building the ski based on this spread.

Fin Setup

We will have a standard fin setup as well as alternative fin setups for each size ski. If you visit us on site in Orlando we will further tune the fin setup to your individual style.

Wing Angle

More wing angle means the ski will tend to start the turn quicker, and doesn't finish the turn as hard. And conversely with less wing angle the ski will start the turn slower and finish quicker.

Fin Settings

SKI SIZE 66" 67" 68"
Length 6.820 6.830 6.840
Depth 2.480 2.490 2.490
Distance from Tail 0.760 0.780 0.800
Wing Angle 7 Degrees 8 Degrees 8 Degrees
Binding Placement 29.00" 29.50" 30.00"

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