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We take the time to build, test and set up each ski for each customer
Because we are passionate about the sport

About LaPoint Skis

Central Location

LaPoint Skis is based in central Orlando, Florida. Where the action is. Just 20 minutes from the international airport and downtown Orlando. We are not tucked away on a backwater lake miles from anywhere.


We have our own private ski park where we offer instruction, setup, customization and testing of our new LP1 water ski. Test centers in USA, Greece and South Africa operated by independent owner/operators.


Mastercraft Boats and experienced drivers.
Technical expertise from Kris and a core group of pro skiers.
Demo skies and setup facilities.
Water ski sales and support.
Slalom course.
Club membership.

Products and Services

The LP1 is a high performance water ski targeted for all levels of skiers. The ski is hand built by Kris LaPoint and personalized for each customer. We offer a free set to anyone who wishes to test our slalom skis at our facility in Orlando. We also sell our own fins and merchandise. Services we offer include private or group instruction, setup in Orlando and ski clinics at sites in the USA and Europe.


Kris LaPoint has a pro career spanning 50 years. Kris is known for his extensive R&D and technical insight. He has designed for O'Brien, HO skis, Mapple Skis and Mastercraft and worked with some of the world's best water skiers.


Founded by Kris LaPoint and registered in the USA. As an independent company with access to the best skiers in the world and on site R&D, factory and private lake, LP Skis is able to design, customize, test and produce the finest carbon fiber water skis in the industry. If you wish to find out more about LaPoint Skis please contact us. We are able deliver to customers worldwide. We look forward to hearing from you!


Personalized value lies at the heart of what we do.

No one else in the industry offers so much experience and technical insight with such a high level of customization.

At LaPoint Skis you get something that has been created for you alone. No matter what your level.

The right time

Water skiing is constantly evolving and our aim is to develop an instinct that is relevant to todays environment based on the latest equipment, speed controls and techniques.

The industry is trending towards customization. Not just in water skiing but in all sports. We are very encouraged that skiers are requesting a higher degree of personal attention when they come to us.

In the last 5 years we have developed our ski park and now with our new factory at the lake, it means we have total control over our production and testing environment. We are not dependent on 3rd party manufacturers, marketing teams or public lake.

We will take the time to ensure we offer something unique for each customer. This is our commitment and it is something we are very comfortable with.

We Have a Goal

To build the best performing slalom ski that is still user friendly.

There is a perception that if you are not high level competitor then a performance ski is going to be too difficult to manage. At LaPoint Skis this is not the case.

We make performance slalom skis that are easy to ski, even if you are just getting started.

We invite you to give it a try. We are pretty sure that anyone can ride the ski and do fine with it.

Core Team

Kris LaPoint
Founder and President of LaPoint Skis
Jennifer Leachman LaPoint
Operations & Marketing at LaPoint Skis
Jeff Rodgers
Pro Team Member - Test Center South Carolina
Sotiris and Marianna Kyprios
Test Center Greece
Ross Alexander
Test Center Cape Town, South Africa